The Academic Paediatrics Association (GBI) is committed to the promotion of Academic Paediatrics and Child Health, open to all levels of clinical and non-clinical academic staff, and those with NHS appointments, who are actively involved in research and teaching related to paediatrics and child health in the UK and Eire. The aims of the Association are to promote excellence in research relevant to child health and to support the teaching of paediatrics.  Read more.

President: Professor Paul Winyard

Secretary: Professor Howard Clark

Treasurer: Professor Andrew Wilkinson


APA Covid in Children - Free online meeting on the afternoon of 10th June 2021

Fri 7 May 2021

See 'Events' or book direct here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/covid-19-in-children-tickets-151075483839 

NIHR Prioritisation for research

Wed 31 Mar 2021

The NIHR Prioritisation committee reviews and develops the commissioned calls that eventually lead to funding. This has worked really well for Neonates but it would be good to include more Paediatric projects in future. 

Anyone can submit a PICO to the NIHR committee and there are also many opportunities to get involved with NIHR committess such as this - a great way for trainess to get management experience (Full details available here.)

ACCEA applications and a chance to change the system

Wed 31 Mar 2021

Thank you to all of those eligible members that submitted ACCEA applications for the 2021 round.

The extremely high standard across all levels made us proud to have so many talented Paediatricians as part of the APA, and it was a shame that ACCEA only allowed us to support a small number of them on this occasion.

The future of these ACCEA awards is being reviewed this year, so please speak up if you think there is a bettwe way to support excelllence. Online survey is available here.  




Fri 8 Jan 2021

Best wishes for safe working and good health to all of our members and their loved ones during the second and third waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our thoughts are with you and everyone supporting us all.

Let's hope that the vaccines quickly make a difference.

Academic Paediatrics is essential to the health of our children and our future; we can learn from these unprecedented experiences and do it better as we move on.

Stay safe.

Paul Winyard
President, Academic Paediatrics Association

And a note on upcoming emails:  as we beat this crisis, we want all of our members to be involved in setting future goals for the Association, so we will be sending out a questionaire soon seeking your thoughts on our most important aims and objectives. Please reply to have your say! 

Academic Toolkit

Tue 15 Dec 2020

We are developing the Academic Toolkit, a resource to help paediatricians interested in an academic career pathway.


RCPCH Conference 2021


The annual flagship meeting for the RCPCH. Usually held in person but delivered online in 2020 but format and dates undecided for 2021

Abstract submission date is Wednesday 10 March 2021, however, as listed above: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/news-events/rcpch-conference-2021-abstract-submission

This is your chance to share your work with a wider Paediatric audience to promote collaboration and larger studies.